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Grevillea x gaudichaudii

Prostrate plant spreading 10–15 ft. wide. Lobed leaves resembling oak leaves are bronzy when they emerge, then mature to dark green. Toothbrush-like clusters of dark red flowers in winter and...

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Acacia pravissima (photo courtesy of Caitlin Atkinson)

Acacia pravissima

Ovens Wattle

From eastern Australia. Grows to 12–20 ft. tall and wide, with short, triangular, gray-green leaves packed tightly along the branches. Profuse winter or spring show of cream to bright yellow,...

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Penstemon eatonii

Firecracker Penstemon

Native to the mountains of the desert Southwest. This scarlet-flowered species is similar to P. centranthifolius. Grows to 1–3 ft. tall and wide and has lance-shaped, leathery green leaves, sometimes with a whitish bloom (but without a waxy coating). Flowers appear on tall spikes in spring to early summer. Tolerates heat.

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Four O’Clock

Strong-looking, mounding plants with the substance and character of shrubs—albeit only seasonal or temporary ones. In summer, branch ends bear clusters of trumpet-shaped, 2-in.-long flowers t...

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Eucalyptus gunnii (photo courtesy of Proven Winners)

Eucalyptus gunnii

Cider Gum

Grows to 30–75 ft. high and 18–45 ft. wide. Silvery blue-green young foliage. Dark green, 3–5-in.-long mature leaves. Green-and-tan bark. Small creamy white flowers. Clusters of tiny seed capsules. One of the fastest-growing, hardiest eucalypts. Dense form is good for shade, windbreak, or screen. Can handle temperatures in the 5° to 10°F/–15° to –12°C range—and may take temperatures a few degrees colder than indicated

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Cistus ‘Victor Reiter’ (photo courtesy of Annie’s Annuals & Perennials)

Cistus ‘Victor Reiter’

Stiffly erect plant to 3–4 ft. high and wide. Gray-green leaves; 2 1/2–3 1/2-in.-wide blossoms in hot pink with paler pink center. Sister seedling of ‘Doris Hibberson’ but is superior to it.

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Lupinus nanus

Sky Lupine

Annual. Native from California to British Columbia. Grows to 8–24 in. high and 9–12 in. wide. Spring flowers are rich blue marked with white. Sow seeds in fall or winter; combine Califo...

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Bouteloua gracilis ‘Blond Ambition’ (photo courtesy of Kimberley Navabpour)


Grama Grass

These natives of dry North American grasslands form clumps of narrow gray-green leaves. These tough, heat- and drought-tolerant plants are characterized by oddly attractive flowering stems that car...

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All of these odd-looking plants have decorative stems, but those of P. macrocarpus are bare most of the year. Inconspicuous red flowers are concealed in tubular or slipper-shaped red bract...

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Robinia x ambigua


A hybrid between R. pseudoacacia and R. viscosa, this seldom-grown, pink-flowering locust grows to 40 ft. tall and nearly as wide. Its varieties are better known.


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Pinus banksiana

Jack Pine

Native from the Arctic Circle to Minnesota. Slow to moderate growth to 30–50 ft. tall (often less) and 10–15 ft. wide. In youth, a symmetrical pyramid; in age, irregular and more spreading, often picturesque. Sometimes remains shrubby. Good windbreak. Olive green needles to 2 in. long are held in groups of two and are often curved or twisted. Cones are yellowish brown, 1–3 in. long. Tolerates poor soil, even sand. Popular ‘Uncle Fogy’ has a very irregular

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Triteleia laxa

Triteleia laxa

Grass Nut

Native from southwestern Oregon to Southern California. Growing from fall-planted corms, the flower stalk rises to 2 1/2 ft. tall, carrying purple-blue, 1 1/2-in. trumpets. ‘Queen Fabiola’ has deep violet flowers.

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