Lantana hybrid 'Spreading Sunset'

Lantana hybrid
Lantana hybrid 'Spreading Sunset'
Zones 8-10, 12-24, H1, H2
Full SunFull Regular WaterMinimal WaterModerate, Minimal
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    Fast-growing tropical American natives with tiny flowers in tight clusters that look like miniature nosegays. Valued for a profuse show of color over long season—every month of the year in frost-free areas. Light frosts merely keep plants in check. Heavier freezes may seriously damage or kill plants in some but not all winters. In colder zones, lantana is grown as a summer annual, typically used in containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes.

    Lantana hybrid

    In the following list, some of the selections are forms of Lantana camara or hybrids between those forms; others, hybrids between Lantana camara and Lantana montevidensis.

    ‘American Red’. To 4-6 ft. tall and wide. Bright red flower clusters with yellow florets in center.

    Bandana series. Compact growth to 2-2 1/2 ft. tall and wide. Large flowers open yellow and turn orange, pink, or cherry red.

    ‘Christine’. To 6 ft. by 5 ft. Cerise pink. Can be trained into small patio tree.

    ‘Confetti’. To 2-3 ft. by 6-8 ft. Blossoms mix yellow, pink, purple.

    ‘Cream Carpet’. To 2-3 ft. by 6-8 ft. Cream with bright yellow throat.

    ‘Dwarf Pink’. To 2-4 ft. by 3-4 ft. Light pink. Rather tender.

    ‘Dwarf White’. To 2-4 ft. by 3-4 ft.

    ‘Dwarf Yellow’. To 2-4 ft. high and wide.

    ‘Gold Rush’. To 1 1/2-2 ft. by 4-6 ft. Rich golden yellow.

    ‘Irene’. To 3 ft. by 4 ft. Compact. Magenta and lemon yellow clusters.

    ‘Lemon Swirl’. Slow growing to 2 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide. Bright yellow band around each leaf; yellow flowers.

    ‘Miss Huff ’. To 3-5 ft. by 10 ft. Orange and pink. Hardier than other lantanas, surviving sharp frosts.

    ‘New Gold’. To 2-3 ft. by 6-8 ft. Golden yellow.

    Patriot series. Plants range from 12-15 in. tall and wide to 4-5 ft. tall and wide, depending on variety. Multicolored flowers in different combinations of yellow, pink, purple, orange, and red.

    ‘Radiation’. To 3-5 ft. high and wide. Rich orange red.

    ‘Rainbow’ (‘Patriot Rainbow’). Compact plant to 1 ft. by 15 in. Flowers combine yellow, orange, and fuchsia pink.

    ‘Spreading Sunset’. To 2-3 ft. tall by 6-8 ft. wide. Vivid orange red.

    ‘Spreading Sunshine’. To 2-3 ft. tall by 6-8 ft. wide. Bright yellow.

    ‘Sunburst’. To 2-3 ft. tall by 6 8 ft. wide. Bright golden yellow.

    ‘Tangerine’. To 2-3 ft. tall by 6-8 ft. wide. Burnt orange.

    Lantana 'Spreading Sunset', photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters
    Lantana 'Spreading Sunset', photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters
    'Spreading Sunset'

    To 2–3 ft. high by 6–8 ft. wide. Vivid orange-red.


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