Liriope muscari

Big Blue Lily Turf

Liriope muscari ‘Silvery Sunproof’ (photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries, Inc.)
Liriope muscari ‘Silvery Sunproof’ (photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries, Inc.)
Liriope muscari
Big Blue Lily Turf
Zones 2B, 3-10, 14-24, H1, H2
Full SunPartial SunFull, Partial Regular WaterModerate
  • Description:

    Forms large clumps to 1–1 1/2 ft. high and eventually a bit wider—but does not spread by underground stems. Loose habit, with arching, dark green leaves to 2 ft. or longer and 1/2–3/4 in. wide. Dense, spikelike, 6–8-in. flower clusters appear on 5–12-in. stems. Flowers are held above the foliage on young plants, partly hidden by leaves on older ones. Round, shiny black fruits follow. Part shade in hot climates.

    The following grow to 12–15 in. high unless noted otherwise.

    ‘Big Blue’. Grows to 18 in. high. Stiffly arching, narrow leaves; dark violet flowers. Does well even in dry shade.

    ‘Gold Band’. Broad green leaves are edged with bright gold. Lavender flower spikes are held well above foliage.

    ‘Lilac Beauty’. Dark green leaves; pale violet flowers.

    ‘Majestic’. Grows to 1 1/2 ft. high. Somewhat open-growing clumps. Blooms heavily, bearin glarge (up to 10 in. long) clusters of dark violet blossoms resembling cockscombs; flowers are held well above the leaves on young plants.

    ‘Monroe’s White’. Broad leaves. Large white flower spikes stand well above the foliage. Fruit is purple. Prefers more shade than most types.

    ‘Royal Purple’. Similar to ‘Majestic’ but with deeper purple flowers.

    ‘Silvery Sunproof’. Strong, open, vertical growth. Medium green leaves have gold stripes that age to white; the whole leaf is whiter in sun, more yellow or green in shade. Lilac flowers are held well above the foliage. One of the best for full sun and for flowers.

    ‘Variegata’. Forms loose, soft clumps. Leaves are green with yellow edges when new, then turn solid dark green in the second season. Violet flowers are held well above the leaves. May be sold as Ophiopogon jaburan ‘Variegatus’.



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