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Dudleya brittonii (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)
Dudleya brittonii (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)

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Zones 16, 17, 21-24
Full Sun
Regular Water

Dudleya brittonii

Cacti and succulents, Perennials


Native to California, Arizona, coastal Oregon, Baja California. About 40 species are known, some common on California’s coastal cliffs or inland hills.

Dudleya brittonii

The best known species in cultivation is this Baja California native, with 1 1/2-ft.-wide leaf rosettes on stems that gradually lengthen into 1–2-ft. trunks; these lean or become prostrate as the plant ages. Fleshy leaves are covered with a heavy coat of chalky powder that can be rubbed off. When plants flourish, they produce reddish stalks with little yellow flowers in spring. Striking plant when well grown; needs bright light and shelter from rain, hail, and frost. Best under glass or plastic roof to keep powder from being washed off.

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