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Dypsis decaryi

Triangle Palm
Arecaceae (Palmae)
Evergreen, Palms and cycads


Madagascar natives better known by the alternative botanical names Neodypsis and Chrysalidocarpus. Both of these tropical species are rather tender, small to medium-size feather palms with graceful foliage and attractive trunks. Good container plants for a patio or lanai. Give indoor plants bright filtered light.

Dypsis decaryi

Slow-growing, single-trunked palm reaches 18–20 ft. tall, 12–15 ft. wide. Trunk is triangular in cross section because heavily keeled leafstalks grow in three ranks about the stem. Gray-green fronds to 15 ft. long are strongly upright but arching at tips. Native to arid parts of Madagascar and requires little water. Full sun or light shade.

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