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Echium candicans (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)
Echium candicans (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)

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Zones 14-24
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Echium candicans

Pride of Madeira
Perennials, Shrubs, Flowers


Grown for their striking form and flower clusters. All do well in dry, poor soil but need good drainage. All are excellent for seacoast gardens. Flowers attract bees. Give little or no water in mild-summer climates, weekly irrigation during summer in hotter areas.

Echium candicans

From Madeira, as its common name indicates. Large, picturesque plant grows to 5–6 ft. tall and 6–10 ft. wide, with many coarse, heavy branches. Narrow, hairy, gray-green leaves form roundish, irregular mounds at ends of stems. Great spike-like clusters of 1/2-in., bluish purple flowers stand out dramatically, well above the foliage, in spring. Branch tips and developing flower spikes may be killed by late frosts.

Use for bold effects against walls, at back of wide flower borders, or on slopes. Prune lightly to keep bushy. Cut off faded flower spikes to prevent rampant reseeding.

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