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Echium vulgare
Echium vulgare

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Zones A1-A3, 1-45, H1, H2
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal
Poisonous if ingested.

Echium vulgare

Annuals, Flowers


Grown for striking form and flower clusters. All do well in dry, poor soil but need good drainage. All are excellent for seacoast gardens. Flowers attract bees. Give little or no water in mild-summer climates, weekly irrigation during summer in hotter areas.

Echium vulgare

Biennial grown as annual. European native blooms first year if sown between early fall and earliest spring. To 1–3 ft. tall, 1 ft.wide. Leaves covered with stiff white bristles; blue, white, or pink flowers in spikelike clusters. Endures aridity, poor soil. Seeds freely and can become a pest if seedlings are not hoed out.

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