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Orchid Cactus
Cacti and succulents

Growers use the name “epiphyllum” to refer to a wide range of plants—both the genus Epiphyllum itself and a number of crosses with related plants. Most have arching, trailing stems and look best in hanging pots, tubs, or baskets, where they produce spring flowers that vary in size from medium to very large (up to 10 in. across). Color range includes white, cream, yellow, pink, rose, lavender, scarlet, and orange. Many varieties have blends of two or more colors.

All are tropical (not desert) cacti, and most grow on tree branches as epiphytes, like some orchids. In zones that receive any frost, protect by growing under a lath or trees. Feed with low-nitrogen fertilizer before and after bloom.

Plants need rich, quick-draining soil with plenty of sand and leaf mold, peat moss, or ground bark. Cuttings are easy to root in spring or summer.

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