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Eriobotrya deflexa

Bronze Loquat
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Both species described here (one of which bears edible fruit) are Chinese natives with large, prominently veined, sharply toothed leaves that can be cut and used for indoor decoration. Both can be espaliered on a fence or trellis (but not in reflected heat) and make good container plants. Attractive to birds. Plant in well-drained soil. Subject to fireblight. Moderate water for ornamental plants; regular moisture for a good fruit crop.

Eriobotrya deflexa

This Chinese native grows quickly into a shrubby tree, 15–30 ft. tall. Though easily trained into a single-trunked tree that resembles Eriobotrya japonica, it is often espaliered. New leaves emerge bright copper and hold that color for a long time before turning green. The leaves are shinier, more pointed, less leathery, and less deeply veined than those of E. japonica. Garlands of creamy white flowers in spring. No edible fruit.

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