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Escallonia rubra
Escallonia rubra

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Zones 4-9, 14-24
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Escallonia rubra

Evergreen, Shrubs


Native to South America, principally Chile. Wind tolerant, clean looking, with glossy leaves. Clusters of flowers in summer and fall (nearly year-round in mild climates). May freeze badly at 10° to 15°F/-12° to -9°C, but will recover quickly. Will take direct coastal conditions and coastal winds. Tolerant of most soils but damaged by high alkalinity. Drought tolerant, but look better with regular water. Prune taller ones by removing one-third of old wood each year after bloom, cutting to the base; or shape into multitrunked trees. Tip-pinch smaller kinds to keep them compact. Can be sheared as hedges, but this may sacrifice some bloom. Fast growing; good screen plants. Attractive to bees. Foliage of some exudes resinous fragrance.

Escallonia rubra

Upright, compact shrub 6 to 15 ft. tall and wide. Leaves smooth, very glossy dark green. Red or crimson flowers in 1- to 3-in. clusters. Much used as screen or hedge, especially near coast.

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