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Eucomis bicolor

Pineapple Flower
Bulbs and bulblike plants


Thick spikes closely set with 1/2-in.-long flowers are topped with clusters of leaflike bracts that resemble pineapple tops. They make good cut flowers. Bloom in summer; persistent purplish seed capsules carry on the show even longer. Need rich soil with plenty of humus. Plant in the ground in fall, setting bulbs 4–6 in. deep, 1 ft. apart. Also fairly easy to grow from seed sown in spring. In areas where the ground freezes, use mulch to protect plantings. Divide every 5 or 6 years. Interesting potted plants; set bulbs with tips just beneath soil surface and repot yearly in fresh soil mix.

Eucomis bicolor

From tropical southern Africa. Spikes to 2 ft. tall; green flowers with purple-edged petals. Attractive, wavy-edged leaves to 1 ft. long, 3–4 in. wide.

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