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Fallopia baldschuanica
Fallopia baldschuanica

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Zones A1-A3, 1-24, 28-41
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Fallopia baldschuanica

Silver Lace Vine
Deciduous, Evergreen, Vines


The plants described here were formerly listed as Polygonum. These vines offer showy flowers, but they also require vigilance, as they spread by rhizomes and can be highly invasive and difficult to eradicate.

Fallopia baldschuanica

Deciduous in cold-winter zones; evergreen elsewhere. This extremely vigorous Asian vine can cover a large space (40 ft.) in a short time. Heart-shaped, waxy-edged, glossy green leaves are 1 1/2–2 1/2 in. long. From spring to fall, the vine is covered in a frothy mass of creamy white flowers that are sometimes tinged with pink; these develop into papery, pinkish white fruits.

Use to cover a fence or arbor or as a rough bank cover. Tolerates coastal conditions; succeeds in the desert only if given deep, rich soil and regular watering. Prune severely to keep in bounds; can be cut back to the ground in winter, but blooms will be delayed until late summer.

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