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Asteraceae (Compositae)
Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs

Daisy relatives, typically with blue flowers; native to South Africa. Though more than 80 species are known, only a few are commonly cultivated in gardens.

Felicia amelloides
Felicia amelloides

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Felicia amelloides

Woody perennial in listed zones; summer annual elsewhere. Despite the common name, this is not the true marguerite (Chrysanthemum frutescens). About 1 1/2 ft. tall and spreading 4–5 ft. wide, with roughish, oval, rather aromatic green leaves about 1 in. long. Produces an abundance of 1 1/4 -in., yellow-centered sky blue daisies. As a perennial, blooms almost continually if dead flowers are picked off; pruned back hard in late summer to encourage new blooming wood. Grow in pots or containers, let spill over wall or edge of raised bed, or plant in any sunny spot.

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