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Festuca rubra

Red Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue
Poaceae (Gramineae)
Turf Grasses


Some of these grasses are ornamental; others are used for lawns, erosion control, or pasture. All need good drainage, can withstand dry conditions and severe frosts. Clumps can be divided in fall.

Festuca rubra

This turf grass spreads by rhizomes. Principal use is in blends with bluegrass or other lawn grasses; is also used to overseed Bermuda lawns in winter. Narrow dark green blades. Not fussy about soil. Can be used alone (many varieties are available); mow to 1 1/2–2 in. high. One of the most shade-tolerant of good lawn grasses. Unmowed, all types of red fescue make an attractive meadow on slopes too steep to mow.

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