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Ficus rubiginosa

Rustyleaf Fig
Evergreen, Trees


The average gardener would never expect to find the commercial edible fig, small-leafed climbing fig, banyan tree, and potted rubber tree under one heading—but they are classed together because they bear small or large figs (inedible in most species). Ornamental types are discussed here; for sorts grown for tasty fruit, see Fig. Many ornamental species make good houseplants. Generally, they thrive on rich, steadily moist (not wet) soil, frequent light feedings, and bright, indirect light.

Ficus rubiginosa

Native to Australia. Single or multitrunked, densely foliaged tree that grows to 20–50 ft. tall, with a broad crown 30–50 ft. wide. Leaves are about 5 in. long, deep green above, generally rust colored and woolly beneath. May develop hanging aerial roots characteristic of many of the evergreen figs that grow in tropical environments. A small-leafed form has been sold as Ficus microphylla.

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