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Filipendula rubra

Queen of the Prairie


Like Astilbe, these bear plumes of tiny flowers above large, coarsely divided leaves. Bloom in summer. Dormant in winter, even in mildwinter areas. Most species prefer moist to constantly damp soil. Good in borders, naturalistic landscapes, beside ponds.

Filipendula rubra

These lush plants bear plumes of tiny flowers above large, coarsely divided leaves in summer. Plants go dormant in winter, even in mild-winter areas. Good in borders and beside ponds. Given plenty of moisture and rich soil, can reach 8 ft. tall in bloom; bears pink plumes above a 4-ft.-wide clump of jagged-edged leaves with a big, lobed leaflet at tip. ‘Venusta’ has purplish pink flowers and is a little shorter (4–6 ft. tall).



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