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Galvezia speciosa (photo courtesy of Annie’s Annuals & Perennials)
Galvezia speciosa (photo courtesy of Annie’s Annuals & Perennials)

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Zones 14-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Minimal Water

Galvezia speciosa

Island Snapdragon
Evergreen, Shrubs

Native to Catalina, San Clemente, and the Guadalupe islands (off the coast of Southern California). This spreading open grower usually reaches 3 ft. high and 5 ft. wide, but can climb or lean on other shrubs and reach 8 ft. Leaves are about 1 in. long and half as wide. Scarlet, tubular, 1-in.-long flowers cluster toward the tips of branches. Bloom is heaviest in midspring but intermittent throughout the year. Endures light or heavy soils if drainage is adequate.

‘Firecracker’ is a compact form (2–3 ft. high and 3 ft. wide) with bright red flowers.

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