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Glechoma hederacea ‘Variegata’ (photo courtesy of Proven Winners)
Glechoma hederacea ‘Variegata’ (photo courtesy of Proven Winners)

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Zones A2, A3, 1-10, 14-24, 31-45
Full SunPartial SunNo Sun
Full, Partial, Shade
Regular Water

Glechoma hederacea ‘Variegata’

Ground Ivy, Creeping Charlie
Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Ground covers, Perennials

This is the variegated selection of a species from Europe that has naturalized in much of North America. Neat pairs of round, scallop-edged leaves to 1 1/2 in. across are spaced along the trailing stems. Foliage is bright green and irregularly edged with white. Small, trumpet-shaped blue flowers in spring and summer are not showy. Plant grows to 3 in. high, with stems spreading quickly to at least 2 1/2 ft., rooting at joints. Use as a small-scale groundcover (tolerates foot traffic) or in hanging baskets or window boxes. If plants become shabby, mow or cut back hard in early spring. Can become a serious pest in lawns. 

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