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Grevillea hybrid 'Neollii' ('Noell')

Evergreen, Shrubs


This plant group generally has fine-textured foliage and long, slender, curved flowers, usually borne in dense clusters. Many cannot tolerate salt-laden soils, poor water quality, heavy summer irrigation, or heavy frost, but all are attractive enough to warrant some risk taking. Like other members of the protea family, they are sensitive to high levels of phosphorus in the soil. Fertilize lightly and avoid high-phosphorus fertilizers.

Grevillea hybrid 'Neollii' ('Noell')

To 4 ft. tall, 4 to 5 ft. wide. Densely clad with narrow, 1-in.-long, glossy medium green leaves. Clusters of pink-and-white flowers bloom in spring. Full sun. Moderate water.

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