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Elegant flowering trees native to southeastern U.S.; put on best floral show in cold-winter areas. Bellshaped white flowers bloom in spring, usually just as leaves begin to appear. Because blossoms are pendent, they show off best when you can look up into tree. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Brown, winged fruits hang on almost all winter— or even into spring or summer. Plants grow best in cool, deep, humus-rich soil.Attractive in woodland gardens, with rhododendrons and azaleas planted beneath

Halesia carolina
Halesia carolina

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Halesia carolina

To 30–40 ft. tall, with 20–35-ft. spread. Clusters of 1/2–1/4-in. white bells in spring as leaves emerge. Oval, finely toothed, 2–5-in.- long leaves. Fruit has four wings. Train plant to single trunk when young or it will grow as large shrub.

‘Wedding Bells’, to about 15 ft. tall and wide, has larger flowers.

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