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Deciduous, Vines

Extremely fast-growing perennial vines with large, deeply lobed, toothed leaves to 6 in. long are attractive for summer screening on trellises or arbors—and one species yields the hops used in beer. Bloom comes in late summer. Male plants produce flower panicles; females bear blossoms in striking greenish spikes reminiscent of pine cones.

Humulus lupulus
Humulus lupulus

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Humulus lupulus

From many northern temperate regions of the world. This species produces the traditional flavoring for beer. The hops, or female flowers, are soft, flaky, 1 to 2-in., light green cones of bracts and blossoms that emit a fresh, piny fragrance. Bright green leaves have three to five lobes. Tender top shoots can be cooked as a vegetable.

Plants sold in nurseries are typically female; no pollenizer needed. May be offered as potted plants or as dormant roots. The roots should be planted in rich soil in early spring; set just below surface of soil with thick end up.

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