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Allamanda cathartica
Allamanda cathartica

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Zones 23-25, 27, H1, H2
Full Sun
Regular Water
All parts are poisonous if ingested

Allamanda cathartica

Allamanda, Golden Trumpet
Evergreen, Shrubs, Vines


These handsome plants from tropical South and Central America tolerate very little frost and require considerable heat for proper growth and bloom; warm nights as well as warm days seem necessary. Trumpet-shaped flowers (borne nearly year-round) and foliage are both imposing. Permanent outdoor plants only in the mildest climates. Elsewhere, grow as summer-blooming potted plants; keep indoors during cold weather.

Allamanda cathartica

Can grow to great heights (over 50 ft.) as a vine; it can clamber through trees but must be tied to other supports. Often pinched back to grow as a large freestanding shrub. Leaves are glossy, leathery, 4–6 in. long. Yellow trumpets are 5 in. wide, 3 in. long.

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