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Iris x hollandica (Dutch iris)
Iris x hollandica (Dutch iris)

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Zones 2B, 3-24, 30-34
Regular Water

Iris x hollandica

Dutch Iris
Bulbs and bulblike plants, Perennials, Flowers


A large and remarkably diverse group of 200 to 300 species, varying in flower color and form, cultural needs, and blooming periods (although the majority flower in spring or early summer). Leaves are swordlike or grasslike. Flowers (fragrant, in many kinds) are showy and complex in structure.

Iris x hollandica

The Dutch iris grows from a bulb. Beautifully formed flowers rise to 2 ft. on slender stems that emerge from rushlike foliage. Standards are narrow and upright; oval to circular falls project downward. Colors run the range from blue, purple,  and mauve through brown, magenta, white, orange, yellow, and bicolors, usually with a yellow splotch near the base of the fall. Early to late spring bloom. Good cut flower.

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