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Iris pallida

Bulbs and bulblike plants, Perennials


A large and remarkably diverse group of 200 to 300 species, varying in flower color and form, cultural needs, and blooming periods (although the majority flower in spring or early summer). Leaves are swordlike or grasslike. Flowers (fragrant, in many kinds) are showy and complex in structure.

Iris pallida

From southern Europe, this 4-ft.-tall rhizomatous iris has branching stems and blue flowers with a yellow beard. Known most through its variety ‘Pallida Valiegata’.

Chips of orris root were once eaten to freshen the breath or thrown in the fire for fragrance. It was also made into fragrant skin powder, and used for powdering wigs.

Iris ‘Pallida Variegata’
Iris ‘Pallida Variegata’

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‘Pallida Variegata’

Though this iris is included with the tall bearded iris, it is grown more for its variegated leaves than its blue flowers.

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