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Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia

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Zones vary by species.
Full SunPartial SunNo Sun
Full, Partial, Shade
Regular Water
Leaves and flower nectar are poisonous if ingested.


Mountain Laurel
Evergreen, Shrubs

North American natives. Elegant flowering evergreen shrubs related to rhododendron, with somewhat similar showy flower clusters. Notable difference is that each long flower stalk bears a small bud resembling a fluted turban; the buds open to chalice-shaped blooms with ten starlike points. Plants share rhododendron’s need for moist atmosphere and moist, acid, humus-rich soil.

Kalmia latifolia
Kalmia latifolia

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Kalmia latifolia

Native to eastern North America. Slow growing to 6–8 ft. or taller, with equal spread. Glossy, leathery, oval leaves are 3–5 in. long, dark green on upper surface, yellowish green beneath. Blooms in late spring, bearing clusters to 5 in. across. Flowers are typically 1 in. wide, light pink or white opening from darker pink buds—but blossoms often have subtly different color in their throats and may have contrasting stamens.

Hardy well below 0°F/–18°C. Partial shade. Has proved difficult to grow in the ground in Zones 16, 17; seems to do better in containers there. In Zones 2 and 3, give plants protection from winter sun and winds, which could cause dehydration.

Kalmia polifolia microphylla

Native from Alaska to Northern California. To 1 ft. high and 8 in. wide, with spreading branches anderect branchlets. Small leavesare dark green above, whitishbeneath. Rounded clusters of1/2-in., rose to purple flowersbloom in summer. Partial shade, or full sun where summers are cool.

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