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Lampranthus deltoides
Lampranthus deltoides

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Zones 14-26
Full Sun
Minimal Water

Lampranthus deltoides

Trailing Ice Plant
Evergreen, Ground covers, Perennials


From South Africa. Most of the ice plants with large, brilliant flowers belong to this genus, which includes plants formerly called Oscularia. Plants are fleshy, erect or trailing, woody at base. Select in bloom for the color you want. Cut back lightly after bloom to eliminate fruit capsules, encourage new leafy growth. Good at seashore. Flowers attract bees.

Lampranthus deltoides

South Africa. Stems to 2 ft. long; they grow erect to 1 ft., then begin to lean and trail. Triangular blue-green leaves with a pink flush are short (less than 1 in. long), very thick and fleshy, closely set on stems. Fragrant, purplish rose, 1/2-in.-wide flowers in late spring, summer. Attractive trailing over walls or in hanging baskets.

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