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Leucojum vernum

Spring Snowflake
Bulbs and bulblike plants, Perennials


From Europe. Easy-to-grow, permanent plants with strap-shaped leaves and nodding, bell-shaped white flowers with six green-tipped segments. Good naturalized under deciduous trees, in shrub borders or orchards, or on cool slopes. Plant in fall, setting bulbs 3–4 in. deep, 4 in. apart. Give some water during summer dormancy; Leucojum aestivum can get by without any if soil is shaded. Do not disturb clumps until they are really crowded.When this occurs, dig clumps after foliage dies down, then divide and replant immediately.

Leucojum vernum

Grows clumps of 9-in. long, strap shaped leaves with foot-tall stems, each with a single (occasionally two) white flower with six green-tipped segments. Flourishes in areas with definite winter cold; generally unsuccessful where temperatures remain above 20°F/–7°C. Leaves 9 in. long. In earliest spring, each foot-long stem bears a single large white flower (occasionally two).

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