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Alyxia oliviformis
Alyxia oliviformis

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Zones H1, H2
Partial SunNo Sun
Partial, Shade
Regular Water

Alyxia oliviformis

Evergreen, Shrubs, Vines

A Hawaiian native, this plant is found in various habitats—dry to wet, sea level to high elevation—and is correspondingly quite variable in appearance. In the wild, it can be seen straggling along the ground as well as twining in trees. Bears small, tubular, greenish-yellow flowers followed by shiny purple-black fruits. Main feature, however, is dark green, glossy foliage that is fragrant when bruised, as is bark of stems. Both foliage and stems are widely used in leis. Makes an attractive cover for a shaded trellis. Best in rich, well-drained soil.

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