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Lolium perenne
Lolium perenne

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Zones A2, A3, 1-6, 15-17, 36, 38-45
Full Sun
Regular Water

Lolium perenne

Perennial Ryegrass
Poaceae (Gramineae)
Turf Grasses


These European natives are clumping, not running, grasses. Not considered the choicest lawn grasses, but useful in special conditions and situations (lawns, pasture, soil reclamation). To make tight turf, sow heavily. Ryegrass is often mixed with other lawn grass species for low-cost, large-area coverage in cool-summer climates. In Bermuda grass country, it is often sown in fall on reconditioned Bermuda lawns to give winter green.

Lolium perenne

Fine-textured; deep green with high gloss. Sprouts quickly and grows fast. Best in cool-summer climates. Has become the most popular lawn grass in the Northwest, west of the Cascades.

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