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Lotus berthelotii

Parrot’s Beak
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)


Produces trailing stems that are often completely prostrate. Leaves are divided into leaflets. Flowers are sweet pea shaped, in shades of red to yellow. For plants with the common name "Lotus," see Nelumbo.

Lotus berthelotii

Woody-based perennial native to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands. To 8 to 12 in. high, with trailing, 2- to 3-ft.-long stems thickly covered with silvery gray leaves with three to five leaflets. Very narrow, 1-in., scarlet blossoms in summer. Space plants 2 ft. apart as ground cover; cut back occasionally to induce bushiness. Also very effective in hanging baskets or as cascader over wall or rocks. Dies back in cold weather; suffers root rot where drainage is poor. Not a long-lived plant in very mild climates.

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