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Lycoris radiata
Lycoris radiata

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Zones 4-9, 12-33, H1
Full Sun
Regular Water

Lycoris radiata

Spider Lily
Bulbs and bulblike plants, Perennials


Native to China and Japan, these bulbous perennials have narrow, strap-shaped leaves in fall (in mild-winter regions) or in spring; they remain green until some point in summer, then die down completely. Leafless flower stalks emerge after the foliage disappears. In late summer or early fall, each stalk bears a cluster of blooms with narrow, pointed petal-like segments and—in some species—projecting, spidery looking stamens. Blossoms may be funnel shaped or have segments splayed outward or reflexed.

Lycoris radiata

This is the best known and easiest-to-grow spider lily. Stems grow to 1 1/2 ft. tall and bear 1 1/2–2-in., coral red flowers with a golden sheen; stamens are very prominent.

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