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Amelanchier X grandiflora Autumn Brilliance

Serviceberry, Apple Serviceberry
Deciduous, Edible fruit, Shrubs, Trees, Decorative fruit or berries


Graceful, airy plants grow about twice as high as wide. Bloom in early spring, just before or during leafout, bearing drooping clusters of white or pinkish flowers that are showy but short lived. Fruits follow in summer; they are similar to blueberries though with a somewhat musty flavor. Use them in pies and preserves—if you can get to them before the birds do (in Alaska, birds have thus far seemed uninterested in fruit). Purplish new spring foliage turns deep green in summer, fiery in fall.

Locate plants against a dark background to show off flowers, form, fall color. Best to choose a site where litter from fruit and birds won’t be a problem. Prune after bloom to remove crossing, crowded, diseased, or dead branches. The common name “serviceberry” is often pronounced “sarvisberry.”

Amelanchier X grandiflora Autumn Brilliance

One of several hybrids between A. arborea (similar to A. canadensis but larger) and A. laevis. Many named selections are available and may be sold under any of the three names. 

Grows vigorously to 25 ft. tall, 30 ft. wide, with drooping clusters of white flowers. Blue-green foliage turns orange-red in autumn. Strong stems, profuse bloom, and brilliant fall color makes it a good choice for ornamental use.

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