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Stock 'Vintage Burgundy'
Stock 'Vintage Burgundy'

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Zones A1-A3, 1-45, H1, H2
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Matthiola incana

Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)
Annuals, Perennials, Flowers


From the Mediterranean region. Old-fashioned favorites,with narrow gray-green leaves and profuse, erect spikes of fragrant flowers. Best in cool weather.

Matthiola incana

Valued for spicysweet perfume, cut flowers.

Oblong leaves to 4 in. long. Flowers are single or double, 1 in.wide, in colors including white, pink, red, purple, lavender, blue, yellow, and cream.

Stock needs light, fertile soil, and good drainage. In cold-winter areas, plant in earliest spring to get flowers before hot weather (choose early bloomers).

In mild-winter regions, plants set out in early fall will bloom in winter or early spring. Take moderate frost but will not set flower buds if nights are too chilly; late planting means no flowers until spring.

Where winter rainfall is heavy, plant in raised beds for good drainage.

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