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Two species of this genus of primarily South American natives are grown in the West. Both have inconspicuous flowers and fruit, but they are otherwise remarkably dissimilar in appearance.

Maytenus boaria
Maytenus boaria

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Maytenus boaria

From Chile. Graceful tree with narrow, 1- to 2-in.-long, light to medium green leaves. Resembles a small-scale weeping willow (Salix), with long, pendulous branchlets hanging down from branches. Slow to moderate growth to an eventual 30 to 50 ft. high and wide; 20 ft. tall by 15 ft. wide is typical at 12 years of age. For uniformity, plant cutting-grown trees of ‘Green Showers’; its weeping branchlets are densely clad with deep green leaves that are a little broader than those of the species. Give well-drained soil. Disturbing the roots by cultivating may cause suckers to appear. Tree produces much side growth; remove unwanted branches along trunk, or keep some of them for multiple-trunk effect. May show partial defoliation after a cold snap, but recovery is rapid. Resistant to oak root fungus. Moderate to regular water; irrigate deeply to keep tree from rooting near soil surface and invading planting beds.

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