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Yellow Morning Glory, Wood Rose
Evergreen, Vines

Twining vines with evergreen leaves divided into leaflets and golden, 3-in. flowers like those of morning glory (Ipomoea). Yellow flowers are followed by woody, roundish seed capsules surrounded by woody sepals—the “wood roses” admired by flower arrangers. Tolerate some drought.

Merremia aurea
Merremia aurea

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Merremia aurea

Native to Baja California. Climbs to 25 ft., with a woody base and leaves divided into five 1 1/2-in. leaflets. Blooms during warm months. Drops leaves in summer drought. May be felled by frost but will resprout from the roots.

Merremia tuberosa

Native to tropical America but naturalized throughout the tropics. Climbs to 50–100 ft., with 6-in. leaves divided into seven lobes. Yellow flowers in late winter and spring.

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