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Seeds and roots are poisonous if ingested.


Four O'Clock

Strong-looking, mounding plants with the substance and character of shrubs—albeit only seasonal or temporary ones. In summer, branch ends bear clusters of trumpet-shaped, 2-in.-long flowers that open late in the afternoon. Plants are killed to the ground by frost but resprout from their large tuberous roots. Sow seeds in fall or or spring. Plants self-sow freely.

Mirabilis jalapa
Mirabilis jalapa

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Mirabilis jalapa

Native to Peru. Grows 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide, with green leaves 2 to 6 in. long. Flowers in white and shades of red, pink, or yellow; several colors may appear on the same plant or even the same flower. Blossoms are fragrant at night.

Jingles strain is lower growing than old-fashioned kinds, has flowers splashed and stained in two or three colors at once.

In colder climates, treat as annual; or dig and store like dahlia.

Mirabilis multiflora, photo courtesy of Stephen Ingram
Mirabilis multiflora, photo courtesy of Stephen Ingram

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Mirabilis multiflora

Native to much ofthe Southwest. To 1–2 ft. high,3–5 ft. wide, with magenta flowers and gray-green leaves to 3 in. long.

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