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Myrica pensylvanica

Deciduous, Shrubs, Trees, Semi-evergreen


The two species described here are coastal natives: one comes from the Pacific coast; the other comes from the Atlantic. Both are cultivated for their attractive, pleasantly aromatic foliage. Flowers are inconspicuous, but the fruits that follow are effective in autumn and winter. Plants are useful as screens and as informal or clipped hedges.

Myrica pensylvanica

Native to coastal eastern North America. Dense, compact growth to 9 ft. tall, 5 to 12 ft. wide. Narrowish glossy green leaves to 4 in. long are dotted with resin glands. Roundish fruit is covered with white wax—the bayberry wax used for candles. Tolerates poor, sandy soil. Resistant to oak root fungus. Regular water.

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