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Nolina recurvata

Bottle Palm, Ponytail Palm
Evergreen, Perennials


Accent plants with tough, grassy leaves usually about 3 ft. long, typically on a thick trunk. In spring or summer, 3–4-ft. stalks rise from the center of the foliage rosette, carrying tiny greenish or creamy white flowers. Plants are valued for their strong vertical silhouette rather than their blossoms. Good for desert or other dry landscapes.

Nolina recurvata

Native to Mexico. To 12–15 ft. tall (possibly to 30 ft. in great age), 9–12 ft. wide. One or more trunks rise from greatly swollen base. On young plants, trunk base looks like a big onion sitting on the soil; on old plants, it can measure several feet across. Clusters of bright green leaves arch and droop at ends of branches. Mature outdoor plants may bloom. Does exceptionally well indoors if given bright light and not overwatered.

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