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Anisodontea x hypomadara (photo courtesy of Mark Turner)
Anisodontea x hypomadara (photo courtesy of Mark Turner)

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Zones 14-24, 28
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Anisodontea x hypomadara

Cape Mallow
Evergreen, Shrubs

This South African shrub grows quickly into a rounded shape about 4 ft. tall and wide, with small, lobed, bright green leaves. Notable for profuse production of inch-wide, dark-veined, pink to purple dark-eyed blooms resembling miniature hollyhocks; flowers come throughout warm weather, year-round in mildest climates. Good for borders and large containers. Sometimes sold as a single-trunk standard or “patio tree.”

Hybrids include ‘Slightly Strawberry’, a compact grower (just 2–3 ft. tall and half as wide), with silvery green foliage and bright pink flowers; ‘Tara’s Wonder’, an open grower to 6 ft. tall and wide, with narrowly lobed leaves and very large dark pink flowers; and ‘Tara’s Pink’, a bushy plant with widely lobed leaves and light pink blossoms.

Give it well-drained soil. In an informal landscape, it complements plants with similar needs, such as Jerusalem sage, Mexican bush sage, sea lavender, westringia, and yarrow.

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