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Parrotia persica
Parrotia persica

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Zones 2B, 3-7, 14-17, 31-41
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Parrotia persica

Persian Parrotia
Deciduous, Trees

Native to Iran. Slow growing to 15–35 ft. tall and wide; naturally multistemmed but can be trained to a single trunk. Oval, 3–6-in.-long leaves have wavy margins; the upper half is shallowly toothed. Choice, colorful tree, attractive in all seasons. The most dramatic display comes in autumn: leaves usually turn golden yellow, then orange or rosy pink, and finally scarlet. Smooth gray bark flakes off to reveal white patches; showy when on display in winter. Dense clusters of tiny flowers with red stamens and woolly brown bracts appear in late winter or early spring before leaves open; they give the plant an overall reddish haze. New foliage unfurls reddish purple, matures to lustrous dark green. Prefers slightly acid soil but tolerates alkaline soil.

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