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Phyla nodiflora
Phyla nodiflora

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Zones 8-29, H1, H2

Phyla nodiflora


From many tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Ground-hugging growth and ability to endure foot traffic have established its use as a lawn substitute in some areas where a traditional lawn is impractical. Creeping stems clothed in oval, 3/4-in., grayish green leaves form a mat no higher than 2 in. Rounded, 1/2-in. heads of tiny lavender-pink flowers appear from spring to fall. Blossoms are a magnet for bees; if this bothers you, mow plantings periodically to remove flowers. Set out plants from containers 2 ft. apart; plant rooted sprigs at 1-ft. intervals. Looks shabby in winter, but an early-spring feeding will promote fast new growth. Tolerates many soils, though performance suffers where nematodes are a problem (in the desert, for example).


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