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Platanus x hispanica
Platanus x hispanica

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Zones 2-24, 31-41
Full Sun
Regular Water

Platanus x hispanica

London Plane Tree
Deciduous, Trees


These trees are all large, with a heavy trunk (or trunks) and a sculptural branch pattern. Older bark sheds in patches to reveal pale, smooth new bark beneath. Big, rough-surfaced leaves (to 10 in. across) have three to five lobes and resemble maple (Acer) leaves. Fall foliage color is yellowish to brown, not striking. Ball-shaped brown seed clusters, usually on threadlike stalks, hang on the bare branches through winter; these are prized for winter arrangements. Best in rich, deep, moist, well-drained soil. All are subject to anthracnose, which causes early leaf drop and twig dieback. Rake up and dispose of dead leaves, since fungus spores can overwinter on them. Chlorosis may be a problem in the desert.

Platanus x hispanica

Hybrid between P. occidentalis and P. orientalis; often sold under the latter name. Grows fast to 40–80 ft. tall, with 30–40-ft. spread. Creamy new bark weathers to gray. Looks very handsome in winter. Tolerates many soil types and stands up beautifully to smog, soot, dust, and reflected heat. Susceptible to mildew. Good tree for avenue, street, park, large lawn. When pollarded to create a low, dense canopy, it can fit smaller spaces.

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