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Plumbago auriculata

Cape Plumbago
Evergreen, Shrubs, Semi-evergreen


Sprawling plants that bloom over a long season, bearing phlox-like clusters of blue or white flowers at branch ends. Prune these shrubs back hard in late winter to control their growth and keep them compact.

Plumbago auriculata
Plumbago auriculata

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Plumbago auriculata

Native to South Africa. Makes a mounding shrub to 6 ft. tall, 8 to 10 ft. wide; or, if tied to a support, grows as a vine to 12 ft. or more. Oblong, 1- to 2-in, light to medium green leaves. Inch-wide flowers. In seedling plants, blossom color varies from white through pure light blue to sky blue. Blooms from spring through summer—or nearly all year in warm, frost-free locations. Flowers are used in leis. Evergreen where frosts are absent or light; heavy frost can burn new growth and blacken leaves, but recovery is fast. Prune out any damaged parts when frost danger is past. In colder part of range, plant in spring to give plants time to become established before cold weather arrives. Not fussy about soil type but must have good drainage. Good cover for bank, fence, wall; good background and filler plant.

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