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Pratia angulata

Campanulaceae (Lobeliaceae)
Evergreen, Ground covers, Perennials


Small, ground-hugging plants that reach just 2–3 in. high in bloom, with creeping, branching stems that root at the joints. All are useful low ground covers where soil is reasonably rich and well drained.

Set plants 8–12 in. apart; fertilize periodically. Small, closely set leaves and tolerance for an occasional footstep make them choice selections for use between steppingstones. They resemble baby–s tears (Soleirolia) but offer appealing flowers as well as attractive foliage. Can be invasive where well adapted.

Pratia angulata

Native to New Zealand. Grows 2-3 in. high, up to 12 in.wide. Dark green, 1/2-in. leaves set off small white to ice blue summer flowers like those of obelia,with a two-lobed upper lip and a threelobed lower lip. Small, round fruit is purplish red.

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