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Prostanthera rotundifolia
Prostanthera rotundifolia

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Zones 14-17, 19-24
Full Sun
Regular Water

Prostanthera rotundifolia

Australian Mint Bush
Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Evergreen, Shrubs


Australian natives with minty smelling foliage and an enormous profusion of small flowers, usually in shades of purplish blue or white. These plants require excellent drainage. Although they tend to be short lived, they grow quickly and put on a good show. Prune them carefully; avoid cutting into bare wood or doing any other hard pruning. There are many species available; look for them at specialists’ nurseries or at plant sales held by botanical gardens.

Prostanthera rotundifolia

Grows 6 ft. tall, nearly as wide, producing purple-blue flowers in spring.

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