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Blackberry, ‘Boysen’

Edible fruit, Perennials, Trees

Propagated from a plant collected at the abandoned farm of Rudolph Boysen in 1923, this fruit put Knott’s Berry Farm on the map. Its lineage includes ‘Logan’ berry, raspberry, and blackberry. This is a trailing, midseason berry popular for high yield and flavor. Very large berries are reddish, soft, sweet-tart, have a delightful aroma, and can be used fresh, cooked, or frozen. The fruit is covered with a dusty bloom that slightly dulls color.

Not reliably hardy in Zone 1, it will survive winter if canes are left on ground and covered with snow or straw mulch. ‘Nectar’ is an identical variety. There is a thornless variety called ‘Thornless Boysen’.

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