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Pulmonaria angustifolia

Cowslip Lungwort
Ground covers, Herbs, Perennials


Low-growing shade lovers with quiet charm. In many kinds, foliage is attractively dappled with gray or silver. The long-stalked leaves are mostly in basal clumps, though there are a few on the flower stalks. Plants bloom in late winter or early spring (just before leaves appear or as they emerge), bearing drooping clusters of funnel-shaped, typically blue or purplish flowers. After flowering finishes, more leaves arise from the base of the clump.

If plants are well watered, foliage will remain ornamental through the growing season. All have creeping roots and can be used as small-scale groundcovers or edgings for beds or woodland paths. Need moist, well-drained, organically enriched soil. Clumps may become crowded after a few years; divide them in early fall.

Pulmonaria angustifolia

Native to Europe. Grows to 8–12 in. high aand 1 1/2 ft. wide, with narrowish dark green leaves and bright blue flowers that open from pink buds. P. a. azurea has sky blue blossoms.

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