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Full Sun

Quercus chrysolepis

Canyon Live Oak, Maul Oak
Evergreen, Trees


Appearance and hardiness of Oaks vary widely, but all produce acorns preceded by inconspicuous flowers. Single nuts are more or less enclosed in a cuplike cap covered with many closely set scales. In some species, the acorns are edible,with a sweet flavor. Some oaks are widely planted over large areas, while others have a limited range

Quercus chrysolepis

Handsome, round-headed or somewhatspreading tree to 20–60 ft. tall and wide. Bark is smooth and whitish when young, checked and gray with age. Oval, 1–2-in.-long leaves may be smooth edged or spiny; shiny medium green above, pale blue or grayish beneath,with thin felting of silvery or golden hairs on undersides when new.

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