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Rehmannia elata
Rehmannia elata

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Zones 6-10, 12-24, 26, 28-31
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
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Rehmannia elata

Chinese Foxglove
Deciduous, Evergreen, Perennials

From China. Grows to 3 ft. tall and 1 1/2–2 ft. wide. Clump of coarse, deeply toothed leaves (evergreen in mild-winter climates) sends up stalks loosely set with tubular, 3-in.-long flowers that look something like big, gaping foxgloves (Digitalis). Common form bears rosy purple blossoms with a yellow throat dotted in red; there is also a fine white form with a cream throat that must be grown from cuttings or divisions. Where winters are mild, blooms from midspring well into fall; in colder climates, bloom comes in summer. Long lasting as a cut flower. Provide rich soil. Easy to grow from seed, root cuttings, or divisions.

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