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Rosa (Ground cover) 'Flower Carpet Red'

Red Flower Carpet Rose
Deciduous, Ground covers, Shrubs


The rose is the queen of flowers, the most loved and widely planted shrub in all temperate parts of the world. More than 14,000 varieties are grown. Although mostly deciduous, roses can be evergreen in mild climates. Their stems, sometimes quite prickly, may be erect, arching, trailing, or scrambling. Leaves are divided into three, five, or seven leaflets, usually with toothed margins.

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Rosa 'Flower Carpet'
Rosa 'Flower Carpet'

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Rosa (Ground cover)

These are low-growing plants, around 2 or 2 ½ ft. tall, that spread to at least 3 ft.wide (some reach 6 ft. or wider). Vigor, disease resistance, and a profusion of bloom from late spring until frost are the hallmarks of this category. Ground cover roses are perfect for covering slopes, creating low barriers to foot traffic on level ground, and growing in containers.

The most commonly available ground cover roses are those in the Flower Carpet series, available in a wide of colors. Several of the trademarked Meidiland roses, such as ‘White Meidiland’, are sufficiently low growing to be used as ground covers.‘Sea Foam’, a shrub rose, makes a fine ground cover about 3 ft. tall and 6 ft.wide, and some miniature roses have a pretty, sprawling habit. Several of the species roses and some of the climbing roses make good ground covers as well.

Red Flower Carpet Rose
Red Flower Carpet Rose

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'Flower Carpet Red'

Ground cover rose with red flowers. Grows 2-3 ft. high and up to 4 ft. wide.

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